Gaetano Assanto
Nematicons: self-confined light beams in nematic liquid crystals, from nonlinear optics to photonics
Andrzej Miniewicz
Nonlinear optical phenomena in photochromic and photorefractive liquid crystals
Xabier Quintana
Liquid crystal alignment. A practical guide
Victor Reshetnyak
Tuning surface plasmons with liquid crystal layer

Plenary Talks

Ewa Górecka
Helical mesophases made of achiral mesogens for applications
Jan Lagerwall
Phase separation in liquid crystals: from surprising physics to functional materials
Oleg Lavrentovich
Electro-optics of oblique helicoidal cholesterics
Kristiaan Neyts
Complex liquid crystal geometries created by periodic photo-alignment

Invited Speakers

Liang-Chy Chien
 Augmenting light-cholesteric interactions with polymer-stabilized conical helix
Norbert Fruehauf
 Liquid Crystal Light Modulators for Non-Display Applications
Anatoliy Glushchenko
Stressed Liquid Crystals Doped with Ferroelectric Nanoparticles
Mirosław Karpierz
Nonlinear guided light beams in LC structures
Eva Otón
 Single-Crystal Blue Phase layers as 3D Photonic Crystals
José Manuel Otón
 Modulating transmission of waveguides with tunable cladding
Slobodan Žumer
Topological structures of frustrated achiral and chiral nematics with potential for photonics

Full conference program is in PDF file.