Conference will cover topics such as:

T1   Linear and nonlinear propagation phenomena in liquid crystals
T2   Modeling and numerical simulation techniques of LC photonic devices
T3   Optical and photonic properties enhanced by surfaces and interfaces
T4   Novel self-organized composite liquid crystal materials
T5   Photoalignment techniques and materials
T6   Liquid crystals doped with nanoparticles and nanowires
T7   Liquid crystal waveguiding structures and fibers
T8   Liquid crystal lasers
T9   Liquid crystal-based holography and 3D image systems
T10 Blue phase materials and devices
T11 Liquid crystal photonic devices and applications
T12 Liquid crystal-related biophotonics

The number of presentations is limited to 2 per participant.
At no additional charge participants may present one poster at a parallel conference.
Tutorial lectures (60 min), invited lectures(40 min), oral presentations(30/20 min) and poster presentations in each session are planned.
For oral presentations overhead projector and computer projector are available. The size of the poster board will be approximately 100 cm (width) x 120 cm (height).
The Conference Proceedings will be published in Opto-Electronics Review and Phase Transitions.